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Dear Correspondent,
          I get innundated with hundreds of emails per week from users of the Ceolas site and associated spam. I can no longer deal with this volume of email, so I am restricting feedback to this form to cut down on spam, and I ask you to look through the mini-FAQ below to see if it is worth your time or mine to write to me..

Frequently Asked Questions of Ceolas

? 1. Where can I find a particular album?
Consult the listings of mail-order sources at Ceolas, links to online sources in that listing or the catalog from Claddagh records.
? 2. Where can I find sheet music or lyrics for a particular song?
Consult the tunes area at Ceolas for collections of music in various formats, as well as a link to two sites dealing with lyrics to Irish songs, or look at the mail-order listings if you want to find somewhere to buy sheet music.
? 3. I want to know more about a particular group or musician.
If they are not listed in the artists section, then we don't have information ready to supply to readers. We will shortly be greatly expanding links to other sites, but until then, you might try a general Web search with Altavista or suchlike.
? 4. I want to find out all about celtic music for a class project, please send me everything you know. (this is a very frequent one).
Look at the archive. If it's not there, we cannot help you.
? 5. I only have your email address. How to I access to Ceolas?
By Web:
By FTP: anonymous FTP to
? 6. I want to subscribe to your mailing list.
Ceolas does not run a general mailing list. We do have a list for each US state and Canadian province which has a monthly mailing of celtic music events in that state or province. You can subscribe to these through the "Live Music" section of the website.
? 7. I want a link from Ceolas to my site
If your site provides information on celtic music that would be of interest to Ceolas readers, we will probably link to it, if there is a good spot to link from at Ceolas, and given time and work pressures. We are not in the business of giving free publicity to sites that are not of direct interest to our readers and do not trade links: if you want to put a link to Ceolas from your site, that's great, but it will not change our policy on linking to yours.
? 8. I think Ceolas should.....
Thanks for the suggestion; this input is *extremely* valuable in developing the Ceolas service. All suggestions will be kept and most will be acted upon as soon as possible. However, we have a huge backlog of things to do and more requests coming in all the time, so it may be several months by the time we get to do something about your request.
? 9. General questions.
If you are looking for an expert opinion on something and you get this message instead, it means I don't have an answer. However, you might try asking the question on the newsgroup or the Irtrad-L mailing list, where others can help. More information on both of those can be had from the Internet Sources listings at Ceolas.

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