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A few wise words on Mail Order


General advice on mail order

When ordering from foreign countries, it is generally best to pay by credit card. Although some may take International Money Orders (IMO), this involves getting the IMO to them, with a letter explaining what you want. In addition, many credit card companies will insure your purchase automatically (useful if your dog eats the rare vinyl which took 3 weeks to arrive...).

Do not under any circumstances send cash. As well as being unwise, it is also ILLEGAL in some countries (yes, I'm serious!). Also watch out for the handling charge and commission when paying foreign bills by credit card. If in doubt, check before paying, as this can be non-trivial.

Specify your order in detail - if you want the most recent release of an album at $15 rather than one of the last four of the original release at $200, you'd better make it clear before telling them to charge it to your credit card....[;-)] The best way is to give full details of the label and catalogue number.

Finally, some common sense - if you only want one record, get together with some friends and order a lot, then share the postage costs. Apart from anything else, this may get you a bulk discount in some stores.

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