What's New on the Bodhrán Pages


This record of changes to the bodhrán pages includes additions in the past 12 months.
If you care, there is a record of older changes, too.

  • 20 Added Anne Sands of Northern Ireland to the teachers list.
  • 08
  • Added listing for Guido Plueschke, teacher and performer in Germany
  • Updated listing for bodhrán maker Fred Halpin
  • Added some new "what do you call a ..." jokes.

  • JULY
  • 02 Added listing for Shanna Quay, new vendor selling Malachy Kearns bodhráns.

  • JUNE
  • 19 Listing (with photos) added to the accessories page for Erle Bartlett's (Austrailia) hardshell cases and bodhrán stands. Added photo of a Blue Heron case.

  • MAY
  • 27 Added listing for James Móran, of Deffgoat.
  • 24
  • Added Apple Mountain Music (New Mexico, USA) to vendors list.
  • Rolf Wagels has added a soundfile to his website.
  • Added listing for Blue Heron's bodhrán cases.
  • 23 Added listing for The Corrs.
  • 21 Added info for a hardshell bodhrán case maker, Ray Doherty, in Ireland.
  • 15 Added info for instructor Alan Collinson
  • 14 Added link to a bodhrán stand
  • 12 Added links to websites for drum makers Gurt Mint Drums (Gerhard Kress) and Metloef Irish Drums, (Robert Forkner).

  • 22 Added listing for Rob Bitter with Finglas, who also teaches.
  • 01 Added listing for teacher Drew Hurley.

  • 29 Added listing for Latin Percussion, selling World Beat Bodhráns and a new suggestion for care of your bodhrán skin.
  • 28 Added listings for Paddy League as a performer and a teacher, and also a review of The Green House, his first album with Grey Larson.
  • 23 Added listing for Austrian drummaker Norbert Eckermann.
  • 19 Added listings for Cathy Jordan of Dervish, and Nicolas Dupin of Steam Up, in France.
  • 13 Added links to more info on the Bodhrán Summer School.
  • 10 Added another drumhead treatment suggestion to the care page.
  • 07 Added Tango Trading Co. to the list of drum makers.


  • 28 Added a link to The Bodhrán Song, a silly little traditional song sung by a goat who wants to become a bodhran when he dies.(Thanks to Howard Joseph)
  • 27 Tommy Hayes reports that he is teaching on a regular basis, and will be one of the instructors at the upcoming Bodhrán Summer School in Ireland.
  • 25 Added a link to an article (Bodhrán Bodhrán) by Rob Adams. (Thanks to J.S. Oliphant).
  • 16 Updated links to Ken Larson's new website.
  • 15 Updated the listing for Michael Vignoles new bodhán website. (Thanks to Rebecca Almand)
  • 15 Added a listing for Tara Gleeson's article in the "Local Ireland" website.
  • 15 Added listing for Davey Drums,, David Settles, drummaker.
  • 10 Added a link to an interview with Tommy Hayes.
  • 08 We have received dates for the Milwaukee Irish Fest through 2004.
  • 07 Added link for First International Bodhrán Tuition Tour to be held in August in Ireland.


  • 30 Added listing for World Drum Fest in England
  • 29 Updated listing for performer/teacher Junior Davey.
  • 28 Added listing for James Wappel, artist (to paint your bodhran skin)
  • 05 Added listing for teacher Stuart Dunlop
  • 02 Added new listings for performers Brian Kahler, John Joe Kelly and Iain MacDonald.
  • 02 Kirk Witmer joins in to assist with maintaining the site. Your contributions may be directed to him.




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