Making a Bodhrán and Accessories


Making a Bodhrán

Brent Santin has written a great article on making a traditional bodhrán, including sections on making your own beater and caring for a bodhrán. Hunter Murray wrote to tell me that he had great success using Brent's instructions to re-skin several bodhráns. Stephen Stephen sent some pictures of his first drum, made with Brent's method.

Jim McGill suggests an alternative method for making the bodhrán rim, using bent lamination rather than steam-bending.

Bob Denton sent me an article on how to make the world's least expensive bodhrán; it's a clever method.

Here, Inc. makes a bodhrán kit, which is available from Andy's Front Hall.

Bernie Stock wrote to tell me about a cassette from RTE called Traditional Music from Kerry and Clare. It's mostly music, but includes a section called Making a Bodhrán in which a Kerryman describes the process. Bernie said I can't remember the details but at one stage piles of goats dung were involved.

I also have some historical notes, which include a little information on historical construction methods.


Making a Bodhrán Case

For the travelling bodhránist, a carrying case is a necessity. You can buy one, of course, but here are a couple alternatives.

Mark Watson provided instructions on how to make a simple bodhrán case.

Floyd Stuart suggests a set-dummer's cymbal case as a cheap alternative. I use a 19 inch cymbal case for my 18 inch bodhrán. Cymbal cases can be purchased from any drum shop for £18 (about $32 US) and have adjustable strap fastenings so the depth of the case is adjustable. Cymbal cases comes in various sizes from 14 inch to 24 inch. My only warning is not to purchase cymbal cases with the central spike in the middle (for obvious reasons!).



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