The Green House
Grey Larsen and Paddy League

One moment the carpets are rolled back and the dancers are madly jigging away, and the next moment you're standing on the island of Iniscara, watching the mists floating across the sea. These are the images that Larsen and League bring to mind with their first collaborative recording. Traditional? Yes, even O'Carolan's 300 year old Draught is here, but so are some compositions by Larsen himself, that put a whole new twist into the album.

Paddy's work on the bodhrán appears on seven of the twelve tracks, but his skill belies his tender years. He shows an expertise that is usually only found in a more seasoned player. He plays an Albert Alfonso bodhrán, but it seems a bit high pitched for my taste, and lacks the lower tones that I usually expect to hear coming from a bodhrán. But to quote Paddy: " It's a 14" diameter drum, too, so the high stuff is audible in a way that it wouldn't necessarily be on a larger drum." Nevertheless, it certainly does not at all detract from showing us Paddy's skill. As instruments around the world go, the bodhrán is still in it's infancy in terms of its evolution. With a long career ahead of him, and such an eclectic musical background, Paddy's a good one to watch for his potential to help shape the evolution of the instrument.

With their first album so easily evoking our imaginations, it can even give us hope. Especially the hope that Grey and Paddy will provide us with many more in the future.

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